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In 2010, Gail Bradley opened the Art Study, moving her unique collection of art, cards and gifts from a boutique frame shop in Fremont over to Seattle’s upscale University Village. We have since grown deep roots in our new space, creatively complementing Village shoppers’ needs. We are honored to have launched the careers of several artists, and we periodically bring in new artists to the small community we have created.


We strive for excellence by distinguishing between what is ordinary from what is personally meaningful and inspiring in the realm of art and aesthetics. With warmth and insight, we provide creative and thoughtful solutions for our clients, from crafting a fine custom frame to inspiring one’s home with artisan-made product and artwork. We proudly support our staff and our artists in their professional growth and personal well-being, sharing a bond of unity in support of the arts.


For inquiries or appointments, call us at 206.525.2400


4630 Village Ct. NE, Seattle, WA 98105

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Custom Framing Design Center open until 6PM daily or by appointment.